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Shyben A. Madi Drug Container Was Not Scanned At Ports

the cocaine found in sugar container
Mr. Madi

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

The Trumpet Newspaper has found out from reliably sources within the investigators and Gambia Ports Authority that the sugar container in which the 48 blocks of cocaine was found was in fact not scanned upon arrival at the Gambia international Sea Port. The said container was among the 35×20 feet sugar containers imported by Shyben A. Madi and sons into the Gambia from Brazil. However, the investigators have found out that the said container has skipped normal scanning at the ports.

According to sources, the container number MSKU 7277965 arrived on board vessel M/V JULIUS on 14 March 2015. It was discharged from the vessel on 16 March and loaded on a truck number BJL 0951 J. Sources further stated that after all custom duties and other ports dues were paid, random scanning was conducted since all the 35 containers were containing the same commodity. However, our investigation confirmed that this particular container in which the drugs were found was not part of the scanned.

Our sources also revealed that even if this container was scanned, the screening machine in use at the Ports at the time could not detect anything in-depth in the container. The 48 blocks of cocaine was found in the middle of the container hidden in two traveling bags.

Though, according to our sources, the said container was issued a gate pass number 0027227, after it was stamped and signed by Drug Law Enforcement Agency of the Gambia, Seaport Police, Health, Customs and National Intelligence Agency.

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