BREAKING NEWS: Independent Land Surveyor Solves Busumbala-Jobe Kunda Land Dispute

Properties demolished by Jobe Kunda at Tawto

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Reliable information gathered by Trumpet Newspaper from insiders of the land dispute between Jobe Kunda family of Serrekunda and Busumbala Jatta Kunda about the ownership of plots of lands situated at Tawto, has informed this medium that the independent land surveyor hired by the Ministry of Local Government and Lands has concluded his findings into the matter and a report was submitted to the Ministry for new demarcation to be identified.

The findings if implemented by the lawful authorities will solve the problem between the two parties fighting over the said land area for four years now.

The report found out that Jobe Kunda family in connection with certain land and physical planning officials has cheated Busumbala Jatta Kunda clan off their traditional land.

A team consisted of the warring parties, officials of the Ministry of Lands, Physical Planning, Security agents and the independent surveyor were at the scene to identify the demarcation and boundaries of the said land located within and outside the Thirty percent owned by Jobe Kunda.

According to credible sources, both Permanent Secretary Buba Sanyang and Deputy Permanent Secretary Musa Badjie of Ministry of Lands, Security officers, Kebba  Ceesay Director of Lands and Survey, Ansu Fatty and other senior officials of Physical planning were on the ground to identify the plots of land in the dispute.

The report, according to our sources, found officials of lands and physical planning of fouls play by given approval and clearance to Jobe Kunda family to sold and developed lands that were never part of their leasehold agreement. All the lands sold by Jobe Kunda have clearance and approvals of both physical planning and Lands department.

Sources added that the report found out that Jatta Kunda clan also sold some plots of land within the Jobe Kunda leasehold of which only few plots have clearance and approval from physical planning and Lands department.

When contacted for comments Deputy Permanent Secretary Musa Badjie declined to give any information to this reporter concerning the matter.

DPS Badjie argued that he decided not to talk to this medium concerning the Busumbala- Jobe Kunda Tawto land case.

Editor’s Note: check our next publication for more information concerning the report of the land surveyor.

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