Consultant Accuse GACH of Using Fake Documents to Get Contracts

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay  

mr. Jawara GACH CEO

According to Miss. Kaddijah Kebbeh, a fuel consultant agent between GNPC and GACH Global Company, Mr. Abubacarr Jawara and his GACH Global Company are using false documents to deceive the government to get contracts. Among the contracts that GACH allegedly fraudulently secured through PURA was the Gambia National Petroleum Company (GNPC) fuel contract.

The shot memo written by Ms. Kebbeh seen by Trumpet Newspaper alleged that GACH global under the authorisation of Mr. Jawara when bidding for the GNPC tender gave a discount of $65, a tactic to win the contract and a trick to find out prices of his competitors.

After winning the bid GACH’s lawyer wrote a letter to GNPC board of Directors and lamented about the global fuel price crisis and demanded a discount of the amount he previously offered to be reduced from $65 to $44, which makes GACH as the lowest bidder of the transaction.

GACH Mining at Sanyang

Going further the memo indicates that the reason why GACH could not return the fuel taken from Gampetroleum depot at Mandinary or import their own fuel is because they could not issue a licence contract to any of their potential suppliers due to lack of cash with only one collateral which is “Fatou Golden Plaza” valued at D124, 000. 000.

“Mr. Jawara signed a contract of $12,000,000 needed to bring a fuel vessel but their account in August 2021 shows such an amount was not in their account. GACH does not have the financial muscles for the contract and the financial muscle to execute his contractual obligations, a contract which he obtained using falsified documents”says Ms. Kebbeh.

Ms. Kebbeh also accuses Mr. Abubacarr Jawara and his company of exploiting Gambians by mining white sand without any license or paying government taxes. She alleged that Mr. Jawara sells the sand by truck loads on a daily basis which is done without government’s knowledge and through bribing environment inspectors.

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