Did GACH Bribe and Trick GNPC Board for the Fuel Contract?

Fabakary B. Ceesay

According to written information by the former agent and consultant of GACH Global Trading Company, the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Abubakary Jawara in July 2021, took a loan from her to buy rams (sheep) of which a good chunk was given to Mr. Sheihk Omar Giggo, the Board Chairman of Gambia National Petroleum Company (GNPC).

According to the agent, she borrowed Abubakary Jawara an amount of D421, 000 of which he bought rams and is yet to refund the money.

The agents, who was very close to Mr. Jawara alleged that GACH won almost all its contracts by deception and falsifying documents to win government contracts including supplying fuel to GNPC.

Shortly after Mr. Jawara gave the rams to Mr. Giggo, he was awarded the GNPC petroleum supply contract even though there were other bidders with good price. On 18th August 2021, after winning the contract Mr. Jawara wrote a letter to GNPC to voice out his worries about the feature implementation of the contract due to certain technicalities around the world. He wanted a review of the $US65 discount which he presented to win the bidding.

(Abubakary Jawara CEO GACH)

GNPC insider said, “this is his business tricks, after winning the contract he will turn around and start bringing out problems and excuses as to the implementation of the contract. This shows that he only jump into any money making business without having the financial muscle to pay for it.

The content of the letter addressed to the Managing Director of GNPC at Petroleum House, captioned “Contract for the supply of PMS and AGO to Gambia National Petroleum Corporation” reads,

“We invite reference to the above subject and to your notification of our successful bid for the supply of the above petroleum products to GNPC. We wish to seize this opportunity to thank you for placing your trust in us and believe that this is the beginning of a long term, fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship between both our companies”.

“Ahead of the signing of the supply contract, we wish to bring certain matters to your attention for review and clarification in a bid to ensuring that the implementation of this contract over the next 12 months is effective and efficient. As previously stated we stand ready to commence the supply of the Petroleum Products in line with the conditions stated in our offer, particularly the discount offer of $65”.

“In light of the recent global uptick in the spread of the Delta variant since the conclusion of the tender prices, it is forecasted that this might impact the price of petroleum products on the international market. Furthermore, the current developments in Afghanistan and the potential for instability in the Middle East region could also have a negative impact in reducing supply of crude oil and driving petroleum prices up. This will invariably make pose serious challenges to the implementation of the Supply Contract long term”.

“In order to avoid such upheavals and to ensure smooth deliveries, we wish to recommend a review of the discount in the long-term, to cater for these unforeseen price increases. It is our proposal that this discount revision should still be competitive and profitable to GNPC and remain significantly above the discounts offered by other suppliers”.

“We furthermore believe this revision will be central to the effective and smooth implementation of the supply contract. We are happy to discuss this further subject to your convenience and availability”.

Yours Sincerely.

Abubkaray Jawara

Chief Executive Officer

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