EDITORIAL: Is the Government Trying to Witch Hunt Saihou Drammeh and Lamin Gassama?

(Saihou Drammeh)
(govt spokesman E.G. Sankareh)

As per the press release from the Government of the Gambia signed by Spokesperson Ebrima G. Sankareh, it seems they are not satisfied with the outcome of the ruling of the High Court in the Gampetroleum eight count economic crimes trial in favour of the accused persons Mr. Saihou Drammeh and Lamin Gassama. Both young men were acquitted and discharged by an honourable competent Court on Thursday 28th July, off all the counts, a rare and exceptional ruling in the country’s criminal Justice system.

However, a day after the decisive ruling, Trumpet newspaper was informed by a source very closed to the powers at State House, that the presidency was the least happy about the acquittal of Saihou Drammeh and Lamin Gassama and there was high powered delegation of those close to the president at State House. The delegation included Ministers, senior security officials and those advising the president on Gam Petroleum matters. It is alleged that President Barrow was assured by his advisers that a more proper investigation will be conducted and “money laundering charges will be brought against Saihou Drammeh and Lamin Gassama. The source at State House hinted Trumpet that the board chairman of Gam petroleum Mr. Abdoulie Tambedou, board Chairman of GNPC Sheikh Omar Gigo, Jah Oil and Edi Mass Jobe are calling all the shots concerning petroleum products businesses in the country and they can inflate the prices as they deem fit are seriously frustrated with the Court’s verdict.

Edi Mass Jobe now runs Logix Fuel Company, a new Oil Marketing Company he established after his failed part with Atlas.

The aforesaid persons’ names were mentioned by prosecution star witness Abubakary Jawara that Saihou Drammeh onced warned him to be careful with them because they wanted to see him (Saihou) go down.

The trumpet newspaper extensively covered the trial of the duo and there is no doubt that the prosecution fails woefully in their cases and all their star witnesses were discredited under cross examination. As per the ruling, the Judge does not leave any iota of evidence that was not properly analysed fair and balanced. There is no doubt that there is no room for prosecution to appeal against the verdict of the court in all eight counts charges against the two former managers and it be s sham and double jeopardy on the side of the government to try all or any means to bring any trump up charge against Saihou Drammeh and Lamin Gassama.

The entire evidence laid before the court by State’s own witnesses clearly indicated who should have been charged for any economic crimes caused at Gam Petroleum.

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