GACH Implicates President Barrow in GNPC Contract

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

(Jawara CEO GACH)

In his maneuver to be awarded the contract of fuel supply to Gambia National Petroleum Company (GNPC), Mr. Abubakary Jawara the proprietor of GACH global company told one of his agents that President Adama Barrow has promised to use his presidential influence to help him Jawara to win the GNPC fuel tender which was contested by several companies.

In a WhatsApp message to his agent on 11th July 2021, Mr. Jawara indicated that he had a fruitful one hour meeting with President Barrow who promised to interfere into the bidding process by calling a board member of GNPC on behalf of Mr. Jawara for the bid to be awarded to GACH.

The several messages which have been in the custody of Trumpet Newspaper for almost a year whiles trying to talk to all parties named therein including Mr. Jawara himself but to no avail, was sent at exactly at 6:01 on the said date, reads

Jawara wrote, “Okay I just finished a wandful meeting with the president more than 1 hour meeting was very good we discussed also the Gnpc tender. And he promised me that he will call” ……….name withheld.

The agent replied “Masha Allah. That would be very good. He needs to help you, because he need money for his elections”

Jawarar responded, “Yes he’s going to do that in sha Allah”

The Trumpet is currently in possession of several messages audio and text from Mr. Jawara concerning the GNPC and fuel transactions involved with other persons he named in the information.

Ethical Journalism caused us to withhold this information for months and the reason some names are withheld is to give them time and space to react to the information.

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