GACH Refuses Audience with Trumpet, Threatens Court Action

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Jawara in military combat style pose with President Barrow

The Communication officer of Gambia-Angola- China Holding Company (GACH) owned by Mr. Abubacarr Jawara, a Gambian business tycoon has refused to organise an audience with the Trumpet Newspaper for an interview on different issues surrounding the company and its proprietor.

Ms. Sukai Jallow turned down our request after more than four months of twisting and turning to facilitate an interview with her boss, she boldly said her boss cannot grant us an interview for an unexplained reason. Several unsuccessful visits were made at GACH office at Bertil Harding Highway to meet Mr. Jawara himself but to no avail.

Earlier on Ms. Sukai Jallow promised to arrange for the interview but after we gave her a tip-off of the reasons for our purported interview she turned down the request and said all we want to know about GACH and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Jawara are all available on their website.

GACH Sand mining at Sanyang

Ms. Jallow said, “You can write what is on our website but what you are saying here is not true and if you publish anything that is not correct about us we will sue you to Court” and apparently hung up the phone.

Trumpet Newspaper has been trailing the activities of GACH and is currently working with an Angolan investigative Journalist who is on assignment to investigate some dubious Angolan business tycoons within which the name of Abubacarr Jawara and his GACH Company came into the limelight.

We want to interview him about the business relationship between GACH and Gampetroleum, National Disaster Management (NDMA), GACH Tomato Company and why given out hundreds of cartoons of tomato paste to a particular government institution as a bribe, GACH sand mining at Sanyang and GACH gun trade in Angola and the Gambia.

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