NAWEC Raining at Ebo Town and New Jewshang, as pipe linkages flooded streets and compounds

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Three months after raining season in the Gambia, one would believe all our flooded streets, junctions and compounds are dried up, well that is not the case at New Jeshwang and Ebo Town where our National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC), rains, causing flooding and stagnant water pools on majors streets and junctions for months without given any attention.

Here is a company that barely provides water for the entire country, but can waste millions of litres of water for months causing havoc on the residents of the area and vehicles plying the streets.

As narrated by residents, the linkages were caused by NAWEC water connection workers after connecting a particular customer during the process they burst another pipe and left without fixing it.

Others linkages were cause by vehicles plying the streets because the pipes were old and buried few inches into the ground. During raining seasons, running waters easily erase them to the surface.

Instead of going around repairing pipe linkages they only good at disconnecting the same poor customers they are causing havoc on.

Kanifing Municipal Council anti littering officials, National Environment Agency Littering Inspectors and Health personnel should summon NAWEC.





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