Trust Bank Donates to “Tanka-Tanka Psychiatric Hospital

Donated Items

By: Sheriff SaidyKhan            trust bamk

Trust Bank Gambia Limited through the partnership of Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital has recently donated consumable materials worth two-thousand Dalasis,(D2000) geared towards helping people with mental disability.

The donated items include detergent soaps, tooth-pastes, wheelbarrow among many other things.

Landing Sanneh the Public Relation Officer (PRO) Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital thanked the donors for their foresight and philanthropic benevolence. He said the initiative is part of Trust Bank cooperate responsibility to compliment’s Government’s efforts. “The main objective basically is to compliment Government’s, in trying to uplift the psychiatric mental care in this country. That’s the reason, they want to be part of in helping our alienated groups within our society …” Laning Sanneh said. He said sometime the attentions giving to mental health patients are not encouraging at all.

Mr. Trawally, head of Sales and Public Relation at Trust Bank said the strategic objective of the initiative is part of Trust Bank’s mantra to help people with mental amnesia.

“This partnership started several years ago. As a Gambian whatever we do we believe is part of our cooperate responsibility,” Mr. Trawally said.

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