Sheriffs to celebrate Sheikh Mahfous Centenary Anniversary

Sheriffs at the conference

By: Sheriff SaidyKhan

The Sub-Committee of Sheriffs across the Sub-Region are preparing for the centenary celebration of the late Sheikh Mahfous Hydara. The celebration is slated to start on over the weekend.

In a press briefing held recently the President of Sheikh Mahfous subcommittee, Sheikh Sharif Sarane Hydara said the late Sheikh Mahfous Hydara was a great Islamic cleric who had promoted the spread of Islam in the sub-region. He stated that the late Sheikh devoted his entire life to better mankind and Islam. “The sheikh travel widely within the sub-region preaching Islam and spreading peace,” Sarane Hydara said.

The President of the committee pointed out that there are series of programs lined up for the celebration. Among the programs is National Day of prayer. There is also planned to set up a foundation in memory of the late Sheikh Mahfous Hydara. All these efforts he said is to ensure that the work of the cleric continues.


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