BREAKING NEWS: Police Detained Several Fuel Company Officials Amid Fuel Saga

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay.

After the daunting revelations of fuel theft and scamming at the Gampetroleum, the Trumpet Newspaper spreads it tentacles into the matter and can reliably report that the Criminal Department of the Gambia Police Force have made several arrest and detentions of persons linked with the fuel scam that has hit the nation for almost a month now.

Our informants at Police Headquarters in Banjul revealed to the Trumpet Newspaper about the arrest and detention of persons from almost all the fuel companies operating in the country. The arrested officials are currently under investigation and detention at Police Headquarters in Banjul.

The Criminal investigation department of the Police was able to lay hands on some documents relating to fuel transactions with Gampetroleum.

So far only two focal persons from Castle and Fortune fuel companies are yet to be arrested. They are yet to be trailed by Police as their phone lines are unreachable.

According to our investigation, the arrested and detained company officials are Kadijah Kebbeh of GACH/ GNPC, Mr. Laicy of Afri Oil and Gas, Mr. Borge of Pure Energy, Mr. Sarge of Equa Energy, Mr. Hydara of Jah Oil, Mr. Njie of Atlas and Mr. Touray of Petrogas.

However, by the time of going to press the Police Spokesperson Chief Superintendent Lamin Njie could not be reached for official confirmation.

According to reports submitted by Gampetroleum to the investigators, OMCS Negative Stock Balance as at 31st October 2021 indicates the following as in the table below.

GACH/GNPC 2838740.00 974540 5014
CASTLE 1821080 1205
AFRI OIL AND GAS 5,022,688 2351506
PURE ENERGY 1108344 0
FORTUNE 1,108.344 443,690
EQUA ENERGY 484,720 152,657
JAH OIL 18603
ATLAS 356.688
TOTAL 12383916.00 3942201.00 5014.00 845202.00

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