Major Correa Faces 14 Page Indictments In US Court

(Junler Major Correa)

The US Department of Justice accused former Gambian Army Major Michael Sang Correa of torture, conspiracy and other crimes committed in the West African State. The Department of Justice is investigating and plans to release more details later on.

According to CBSN war investigator, Rick Sallinger reported from the Federal Courthouse that the Federal Grand Jury has released a 14 page indictment against Michael Sang Correa who has been living in the Denver area since 2016.

(Jungler Squad)

Major Michael Sang Correa is accused of numerous counts of torture in the Gambia since 2006 in order to keep the then Gambian president Yahya Jammeh in power during a suspected coup attempt.

Part of the charge is joining a group call the junglers and administering out alleged torture which included beatings, extinguishing cigarettes on people, pouring burning plastic on them and putting plastic bags over their heads. The victims included US citizens.

The US Attorney and Department of Homeland Security will try Major Correa at a Federal Court in Colorado.

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