Editorial: Between Emkay Stores “Nandos”, Trumpet Newspaper

These two entities joined hands together back in September 2022 to work together in promoting the interest of both parties, but along the line there was a serious misunderstanding which resulted in the unfortunate arrest and detention of the Trumpet editor Fabakary B. Ceesay on Monday 12th December 2022.
After the scenario, the family of the complainant Mr. Abdou Mboge and Editor Ceesay were involved in a series of negotiations and a meaningful agreement had been reached to solve the matter amicably and out of Police domain as the misunderstanding was tabled between the two and a family reconciliation was reached.
The Trumpet newspaper wishes to make it very clear that they have no ill will or bad intention against Emkay Stores or any of its staff more so Mr. Mboge. There was no point in time that the information published by the paper was given to us by any member of staff of Emkay Stores. Emkay stores Ltd company is with more than 400 Gambian employees on their staff list.
Whatever we published does not come from any member of the company but our own investigation.
The Trumpet newspaper in our 15th September 2022 publication has recognized the good work and cordial relationship of the business entity of Emkay Stores in the Gambia.
However, the reason for this editorial is based on mutual understanding without any prejudices.
The two parties however, have no personal grievances against each other and promotion of the welfare of both is more important for posterity and we continue to work together hand in hand.
We also want to make it very clear that the matter is not a witch hunt for any party and none of the parties is on the losing side. We deem the case as a matter of misunderstanding and out of anger which is now laid to rest.

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