EU-Senegal-The Gambia Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) Paves Way for Sustainable Fisheries in the region

By: Modou Kanteh

In an unprecedented gathering of minds and expertise, scientists from the European Union, Senegal, and The Gambia concluded a five-day marathon of collaboration at the Tripartite Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) meeting in Banjul. The meeting which concluded recently reflects a shared commitment to the protection of vital fish stocks, critical to sustaining communities across the region.

Gone are the days of isolated efforts; this meeting buzzed with shared knowledge and a genuine commitment to addressing pressing challenges. From a meticulous analysis of fishing activity data to a deep dive into the complexities of the live bait fishery in Hann Bay. Participants spared no effort in their pursuit of sustainable fisheries management. The cornerstone of the discussions was regional cooperation, echoing a collective determination to explore unified action.

Looking beyond the present, the JSC delved into the intricacies of ecosystem approaches to fisheries management—an all-encompassing strategy considering the delicate balance between fish, their environment, and the communities that rely on them. Collaboration with neighboring countries and within the Committee for Eastern Central Atlantic Fisheries (CECAF) took center stage, laying the groundwork for a united front in safeguarding shared resources.

As the final gavel dropped, a tangible sense of accomplishment permeated the air. Days of intense discussions yielded concrete recommendations, poised to guide joint efforts towards a sustainable future for fisheries. From ensuring responsible fishing practices to protecting fragile ecosystems, the JSC has laid a promising foundation for regional cooperation.

The Ministry of Fisheries in The Gambia applauded the dedication and expertise showcased throughout the meeting, expressing confidence in the transformative potential of these recommendations. Momodou S. Jallow, the head of Research and Development at the department of fisheries in The Gambia said, “This gathering marks a milestone in our collective quest for ocean health and thriving fisheries. He continued, “We stand united, ready to translate these valuable insights into tangible action for the benefit of generations to come.”

The echoes of the JSC meeting will undoubtedly reverberate beyond the confines of the conference room. As the three nations embark on implementing the agreed-upon recommendations, a beacon of hope shines brightly for the future of fish stocks and the countless lives they sustain.

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