BREAKING NEW:French Authorities Shutdown Migrants Camp Amid COVID-19 Fear

Hotel du Police migrants camp
outskirts of Calais

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay
Credible information reaching Trumpet news desk has it that after our maiden publication about the dilapidated migrants’ camp in France call ‘Hotel de Police’ at Boulevard du Kent in Coquelles, in the district of Calais, Northern France, has been shut down by the French authorities due to the unhygienic and poor living conditions of migrants amid the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.
This development arises after a team of human rights activist raised a concern with the French authorities about the poor unhealthy condition of the camp in this midst of Coronavirus.
According to sources, the migrants were said have been sent to other camps across France, with better conditions in terms of health, food supplies and housing.
However, Trumpet can also report that not all the dilapidated camps in France were shut down and according to sources, between 400 to 500 migrants are still living in makeshifts camps in the outskirts of Calais struggling to enter United Kingdom.

Readers could recalled that migrants camp ‘Hotel du Police’ is a detention Centre for migrants and a leaked video footage obtained by the Trumpet shows the naked unhealthy rooms in which the migrants live in. The place as showed in the video, is not fit for human habitation.
Among the migrants, were Sudanese, Algerians, Ghanaians, Albanians, Moroccans, Bangladeshis, Nigerians, Gambians, Guineans, Malians and other sub-Saharan Africans were left crowded in tiny rooms with some sleeping on the floor without heater during the winter.

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