Minteh’s Poultry Ready to Eradicate Gambia’s Food Insecurity

(CEO Lalo Minteh)

Located in the heartland of Coastal fishing Village of Tujering an area known as Bunkiling, Minteh’s Poultry farm employed a staff of 16 permanent employees and 20 part time workers, started at the backyard of a family residential home at Brusubi Phase I, with 50 chicks housed in carton boxes.

With his determination, commitment and resilience to achieve his dreams of becoming a full scale poultry farmer in the Gambia with the hope of eradicating food insecurity in the country now has 20,000 chicken layers producing 525 crates of eggs a day.

The Chief Executive Officer and Manager Mr. Lalo Minteh hailed from Minteh Kunda, Central Badibou, North Bank Region of the Gambia, after graduating from Secondary School in mid 90s, Mr. Minteh embarked on a search for greener pasture in Western Europe where he made hustling in Italy for two decades before finally retiring home to start a groundbreaking adventure.

In mid 2016, Mr. Minteh relocated back to the Gambia from Italy and enrolled at Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI), to study carpentry and eventually made used of any skillful work that might cross his part of interest and made used of any tool he can lay his hands on.

He made his own boxes to house the chicks at his residential backyard before constructing and building a small farmhouse at Sukuta-Nema, where the poultry kick starts its real formation and shape. Shuffling and scavenging from one poultry farm to another, seeking ideas and techniques in poultry farming, Mr. Minteh’s appetite to become a full time big chicken farmer grows.

However, his determination, commitment and hard work paid off in later years when he got business contacts from Senegal for supply of chicks which eventually boosted his business but needed a bigger place to operate at. He later moved to Tujering with 5000 chicks and later sold eggs and occasionally chicken meat.

Like every business comes with its own challenges, Mr. Minteh at times faces challenges of having access to the right kind of chicken feeds which are only imported into the country. There used to be a scarcity of chicken feeds in town or at times only available at higher prices.

At some point at the initial stage of his project, Minteh uses a local system to create his own chicken feeds.

As of the producers of chicken meat and eggs in the Gambia, Mr. Minteh hopes and prays for the government to consider working hand in glove with local chicken farmers like him to attain the country’s self food sufficiency initiative.

Believing that local Gambian chicken farmers can do it, if the government provides modern poultry farming techniques, good marketing and support them with subsidies like the Western countries does.

At the moment Minteh’s consumers and buyers are individuals from the local communities, corner shops, supermarkets and hotels. But he wanted the government to give them opportunities to supply the Army, Police and the Prison Services as encouragement to boost their business.

For Mr. Lalo Minteh, his commitment to contribute to Gambia’s hope of attaining self food sufficiency is growing further as his farm recently purchased an incubator that can hatch 2, 500 eggs at a time.

For Minteh’s Poultry Farm, the sky is the limit for the Gambia, our homeland.



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