Colonel Bojang Allegedly Murdered Watchman Ceesay Jatta

Credible information emanating from our sources within the Fonis indicated that ex-Lieutenant Colonel Solo Bojang, who was one time said to be manning the special killer squad for the exile president Yahya Jammeh, was involved in the killing of Ismaila Ceesay Jatta, from Bugileng Village and a watchman at the unfinished would-be Science and Technology Academy built in Bulunt village by Yahya Jammeh.

The Trumpet Newspaper was informed that the watchman was strangled to death by his muggers headed by Solo Bojang on the “orders “ of Yahya Jammeh, as Jatta was accused by Jammeh of  been a wizard who was bent on eating human flesh within the Fonis.

Our informants revealed that on the eve of 20thDecember, 2008, Ceesay Jatta was called by Lt. Colonel Bojang to collect money from him, given by Yahya Jammeh. It was said that the watchman has once asked Jammeh to help him with corrugated iron sheets to roof his house, but it took a while before Jammeh fulfilled the promise.

On that fateful evening after Magrib prayers, the Watchman reportedly got a call from Solo Bojang for them to meet outside the Village so that he could collect the money given to him by Jammeh. The Source further told this medium that the unsuspected poor man rushed to the meeting point on his bicycle and upon arrival, he was mobbed and strangulated by Solo Bojang and his team. The man was said to have rode straight into an ambush laid by his assailants.

His death body was found on the side of the road on 21 December 2008, with his neck broken, swollen tongue and blood oozing from his mouth. Three months later, Solo Bojang, then a Lieutenant in the army, led a team of so-called witchcrafts hunters and doctors that descended on defenseless elderly persons in Foni and Kombo areas of West Coast Region. Hundreds of people were kidnapped from their villages and forced to drink concocted medicines. Several died as a result, as others fled into neighboring Southern Senegal of Cassamance.


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