Ex-Interior Minister Bah Ordered To Arrest President Adama Barrow

Ex-General M. A. Bah

Reliable information gathered from our credible sources during the political impasse indicated that former President Yahya Jammeh had, after losing election to President Adama Barrow, ordered his then Interior Minister, Brigadier General M.A. Bah to arrest and detain President-elect Adama Barrow.

The Trumpet’s sources within the former dictator’s corridor revealed that Jammeh gave an order to his then Secretary General and Head of Civil Service, Mr. Sulayman Samba to inform M.A. Bah of his order to immediately arrest and detain the then President-elect Adama Barrow. This development occurred when Jammeh heard of the rumour that the newly elected coalition president was using foreign security agents as his personal bodyguards.

Sources told Trumpet that Jammeh was very furious with the news of foreign security agents present in the country without a formal request or permission from his government. Jammeh summoned his Secretary General Sulayman Samba and asked him to contact General Bah, as the interior Minister, to act immediately to arrest President Adama Barrow and detain him. The information was passed to M.A. Bah who was by then on a country-wide patrol. He assured SG Samba that he would execute the orders from his Commander-In-Chief, Yahya Jammeh as soon as possible.

However, sources added that the order was never carried out until President Barrow left The Gambia for Senegal with the visiting Heads of West African States. When contacted, the erstwhile GAF General and Minister confirmed the story and said he was “ready and willing” to execute the orders from his former boss. He indicated that he did not act on the orders immediately as Jammeh wanted it, but he did initiate an effort to make sure the foreign security agents left the shores of the Gambia. Bah said he called Adama Barrow and gave him a stern warning for him to order his foreign agents to leave the Gambia, otherwise, he (Barrow) and the entire foreign guards risked being arrested. He added that he took that initiative to avert causing problems in the Gambia as the situation was very fragile at the time.

He added that Barrow complied and confirmed to him that the guards would leave as soon as possible. General Bah said he could confirm that Barrow had heeded to his warning and eventually the foreign agents left the shores of the Gambia.

However, ex-General Bah’s claims that his warning was heeded to by Barrow could not be confirmed by this medium.

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