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Almamo Manneh’s Killers Emptied Their Arsenal On Him

Ousman Sonko
Lt. Musa Jammeh, Yaya Jammeh. Tumbul Tamba. (photo Kairo News)

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Reports from the corridors of State House back in January 2000, has it that soldiers and officers that were involved in the killing of late Lieutenant Almamo Manneh then Logistics and Ordinance Commander at State House, emptied their gun magazines into the body of Manneh even after he laid motionless in a pool of blood. The information added that his killers did that brutal and gruesome action to show their loyalty to Yaya Jammeh.

Highly connected sources within State House said the unruly Manneh was killed between the hours of 02:00 hrs to 03:00hrs on 14 January 2000. He was killed by heavy bullets fired from machine guns and AK47s by a group of soldiers and officers believe to be led by Lieutenant Ousman Sonko then deputy Commander at Sate House. Almamo was said to be killed while running towards his office to grab his gun to counter his killers. But he was cut in a rain of heavy bullets that pierced his heavily built body apart.

According to sources the loyal soldiers led by then deputy State House Commander Lieutenant Ousman Sonko, Seedy Baldeh, Musa Jammeh ( Maliya Mungu), Tumbul Tamba known as ‘Hell Manager, Manlafi Corr and others all allegedly opened fire on Almamo as he tried to run for his gun.

Sources further alleged that the first bullet that hit Almamo was allegedly fired by Seedy Baldeh then followed by others. The said Seedy Baldeh later became the Kanilai Farm Manager in the Central River Region. Yahya Jammeh and other senior officers were seen heavily armed and dressed in a Military combat uniform during that operation.

Almamo’s body was later taken to Yundum Barracks where he was dumped in a ditch hours after his death. The body, according to an eye witness was almost decomposed due to the gruesome nature of his death. The body was completely mutilated by the heavy bullets.

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