Jammeh Never Believe Lt. Alieu Ceesay Plots Against Him

LateLieutenant Alieu Ceesay

According to reliable sources very close to former President Yaya Jammeh, intimated to this medium that in the aftermath of the 21 March 2006 abortive coup, which showed the arrest, detention, trial and disappearance of several security officers, said Yaya Jammeh never believed the late 2nd Lieutenant Alieu Ceesay was involved in any conspiracy to overthrow his government.

According to the sources who were present on the second night after the coup was aborted by loyal forces, Yaya Jammeh whiles sitting and chatting with his trustees at the State House brewing ‘Attaya’, grilling meat in a form of a party told his trustees that he never believe 2nd Lieutenant Alieu Ceesay was involved in that coup plot. Sources said Jammeh was heard saying to his trustees Musa Jammeh and Tumbul Tamba that he cannot believe and yet to figure out how Alieu Ceesay can connive with others to overthrow his government.

Sourced said Jammeh like Alieu Ceesay very much and they have a cordial traditional relation as per Ceesay Kunda and Jammeh Kunda. One sources said, ‘’Jammeh used to call Alieu my Ceesay Kundanko and Alieu also call him my Jammeh Kundanko’’. According to the sources on most of his free times, Jammeh is always seen walking around or sitting with Alieu chatting and sharing things together.

Our sources indicated that there were some officers at State House who does not like Alieu close to Yaya Jammeh so they tried all means to separate them by forging allegation against Alieu. The Sources said since before the March 2006 coup plot, those people were trying all means to see Alieu distanced from Jammeh for their selfish interest.

Sources further indicated that Jammeh demanded to have a face to face discussion with Alieu to find out from him the allegation against him. Sources pointed out that Jammeh even request for Alieu to be brought to him for discussion but the trustees Lieutenant Musa Jammeh, Tumbul Tamba and others discourage him from meeting with Ceesay.

Another sources said, Jammeh could be heard saying ‘’ I can’t believe my Ceesay Kundanko could do this to me’’, but unfortunately he was made believe Alieu was involved in the plot.

It could be recalled that a week after the 21 March 2006 abortive coup, Lt. Alieu Ceesay, Lt. Ebou Lowe, Staff Sergeant Manlafi Coor, Warrant Officer class 2 RSM Alpha Bah and Daba Marenah were arrested and disappeared. The then government alleged that they were transporting the detainees to a Prison in Jangjanbureh when the vehicle transporting them ran into a ditch and almost somersaulted leading to the escape of the detainees.


  1. Prior to his subsequent killed he was determined to reach to the rank of General by merit not political means… I recollect he telling me while s on Air force training. RIP bro…

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