Former Junta Vice Chairman Singhateh Attempts To Resign

Lt. Jammeh
Lt. Singhateh

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Credible information emanating way back in 1995 during the transitional period of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (AFPRC) has it that Vice Chairperson Captain Edward Singhateh has once attempted to resign after he had a brawl with then State House Commander Lieutenant Landing Sanneh. The said incident happens at State House when Edward came to pay a courtesy call on the first lady Tuti Faal but he was denied access to the first lady by then State House Commander Landing Sanneh.

According to the information, then Junta Leader Captain Yahya Jammeh gave secret orders to Landing Sanneh not to allow any junta members to have access to his wife behind his back. He specifically named vice chair Edward Singhateh. With strict warning, Jammeh ordered that he does not want Edu to visit his wife whiles he Jammeh was away.

On that day in question, Edward Singhateh came to visit Madam Jammeh as usual but he was stopped by soldiers at the gate and told they have orders not to allow him access to the first lady. Reports had it that Edu responded angrily that he has all the rights and powers to pay a courtesy call on the first lady anytime Jammeh is away.

According to reports as Edu was ranting on soldiers at the gate, Commander Landing Sanneh came and gave Edu a staunch warning that if he tries to force his way he would be shot at. Landing could be heard warning Edu that he had official orders not to allow him access to Tuti Faal.

Reports indicated that Edu left State House fuming with anger feeling betrayed by Yahya Jammeh. He could be heard saying ‘I will solve this matter myself when Jammeh is back’.

Reports further added that Singhateh later called O.G. Sallah, then Inspector General of Police F.R.I Jammeh, Army Commander Baboucarr Jatta and then Director General of National Intelligence Agency Abdoulie Kujabie to his office who prevailed on him not to resign. It was said that the aforesaid persons told him resigning from the government whiles the president was away will send a bad signal about his relationship with Jammeh. He was advice not to do so and that he could iron the issue out with Jammeh when he returns from overseas.

Reports stated that Singhateh was ranting with anger at O.G. Sallah, FRI Jammeh and BabocarrJatta when Abdoulie Kujabie shut him down by threatening to arrest him if he does not show respect to the elders. Kujabie was quoted warning Edu that resigning means he was up to something sinister. Kujabie warned him that FRI Jammeh and O.G. Sallah are old enough to be his father and Baboucarr Jatta could be his elder brother so he must treat them with respect since they were there to calm the situation.

According to reports Edu later subdued and apologise to the elders and promise them that he would abide by their advice.

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