Diplomatic Vehicle Killed A Cyclist In Foni

An eye witness account informed the Trumpet newspaper that a diplomatic vehicle traveling from Cassamance with registration number 008 CD-2336 has killed a young cyclists and also knocked down an electric pole. The witness said he was standing on the road side when he saw the vehicle coming with high speed and the driver lost control running into an electric pole before turning to the other side where a young man on a bicycle was knocked down and killed instantly.

According to the witness, the driver who identified himself as a Senegalese security officer immediately wanted to leave the scene but was apprehended by a crowd and handed him over to the Police at Bulock. He said the man was boosting that he is a security diplomat and should not be put under arrest. He added that the driver does not show any sign of remorse or regret as to the incident, instead he was asking the Police to release him and later link with his office.

The witness said the crowd wanted a mob justice but they were restrained by Police, NDEA and Immigration officers at Bulock Police Station.

When contacted the Police Spokesperson ASP Mr. Lamin Njie said he was not aware of the incident and ask for sometime to find out. After an hour he could not be reached for comments.

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