The Office of National Security of The Gambia, ONS, presents its compliments.

In August 2017, a duly commissioned technical working group completed a comprehensive Security Sector Reform (SSR) assessment to ascertain the gaps and malfunctions of the security sector that the new transitional government inherited. The assessment report concluded with recommendations that would enable the sector to be transformed to meet the needs of the new state and people’s aspirations. SSR is defined as the process by which countries formulate or re-orient the policies, structures, and capacities of institutions and groups engaged in the security sector, in order to make them more effective, efficient, accountable and responsive to democratic control, and to the security and justice needs of the people. The government of The Gambia has committed itself to the transformation and it did become a priority for the Presidency. The ONS is responsible for coordinating the Security Sector Reform process. A variety of communications will be developed, implemented, published and distributed in order to provide relevant content to targeted audiences, to further the SSR brand and image, and help achieve the goals of the national communication strategy. ONS will provide its members and stakeholders, especially the media, the opportunity to receive news and information via email communication. Email addresses will be added to targeted lists of journalists and/or media houses unless you have opted out or there is a clearly definable significance to your exclusion on the list.
We look forward to a fruitful working relationship.
Kind regards,
Rohey Samba
Communications Strategist for SSR

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