Spanish National To Appear In Court On Drug Charges

Confirmed information gathered by Trumpet Newspaper from the Gambian border village of Amdalai has it that a Spanish national who was traveling from Senegal upon entering in The Gambia was arrested by Gambian drug officers with certain quantity of prohibited drugs. Mr. Andre Felipe Llao Morel was arrested when the drug officers searched the caravan vehicle he was traveling with and found suspected prohibited drugs. Mr. Morel is likely to appear in Court on drug possession charges.

When contacted for more details, the Spokesperson Ousman Saidybah confirmed the incident and said the Spanish man was arrested sometime in February 2019 by their border officers. Saidybah indicated that Mr. Morel was caught with 2 grams, 600 milligrams of resin (hashish), 3 grams, 600 milligrams of Cannabis sativa, 1 gram and 200 milligrams of ketamine. He added that Mr. Morel confirmed to investigators that he bought the said drugs in Morocco where he continue his journey by land to the Gambia via Senegal. He was traveling in a caravan vehicle from Europe via Morocco. He added that the said drugs were found in the vehicle that he was driving with a friend.

Ketamine drug
Cannabis Sativa

When ask why the delay in pressing charges against the suspect, PRO Saidybah said they have difficulties in weighing the ‘Ketamine’ drug. He said the Spanish has been charged with possession of prohibited drugs contrary to section 35 of Drug Control Act. He added that the man will appear in Court anytime soon as the case file has been authorised for prosecution.

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