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CDS Kinteh Targeted In Connection With 30th December Attack

Ex- Brig. Gen. Bah
CDS Kinteh

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Undisputed reports gathered by the Trumpet Newspaper have it that the Chief of Defence Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces (CDS), Lieutenant General Masanneh Kinteh, was targeted and almost got arrested in the aftermath of the 30th December 2014 attacked on the State House in Banjul. Kinteh was said to be, at the time on a family visit in the country, when the attack happened. He was the Gambian Ambassador in Cuba.

Reports revealed that the then Armed Forces Financial Comptroller Major Momodou Alieu Bah was the one who rather saved Kinteh from being arrested. Kinteh was in town to pay his last respects and mourn for his late mother whose demise had coincided with the attack on State House. By then the former president Yahya Jammeh had already ordered for his arrest since he linked Kinteh’s presence in Banjul to the attack. Having been in touch with Kinteh earlier and knowing that the former diplomat was coming home to mourn his late mother M.A Bah told the Trumpet that he was able to intervene to prevent the arrest.

Ex- General Bah further said CDS Kinteh has no clue as to what was been hatched against him by former President Yahya Jammeh. But his timely intervention averted the unfortunate scenario from happening.

Several fruitless efforts and attempts were made to talk to CDS Lt. Gen. Kinteh. A requested official letter was sent to his office but yet to be approved for any comments. A follow up was made through the office of GAF Public Relations Officer Major Lamin Sanyang said their office and schedules are inundated with lots of official issues. He asked the reporter to do further follow ups.

The 30 December 2014 armed assault on State House was orchestrated by some diaspora Gambians in an effort to unseat the dictatorial government of former President Yahya Jammeh. Three attackers, Lieutenant Colonel Lamin Sanneh former State Guard Commander, Ex- soldier Alagie Jarja Nyass and Captain Nganga Jagne a former US Army officer and one Dawda Bojang,  Banjulian passerby, were killed during the incident.

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