Ex-NIA Officer Chastises Trumpet Editor

Ex-NIA Bojang aka Bin Laden
Editor F.B. Ceesay

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Mr. Ousman Bojang, a former senior operative of then National Intelligence Agency (NIA), who was accused by Marabout Hamadi Sowe of torturing him by piercing him on the lap with a long knife till blood oozes out has accused the Trumpet Newspaper Editor for been bias and part of a conspiracy theory to stain his name with unfounded allegations.

Mr. Bojang a native of Foni Sutusinjang, known at the NIA as ‘Osama Bin Laden’ was a member of the security panel that presided over the 21 March 2006 abortive coup. He served the NIA for years before falling apart with them. He is resident in Senegal since 2014.

Shortly after our initial publication about the allegation level against him by Marabout Hamadi Sowe and the publication of his reaction, another Marabout Omar Faal Keita also made torture allegation against him. Faal alleges that Ousman Bojang uprooted his long beard with bare hands whiles he was under detention at the NIA.

Contacted on Omar Faal Keita’s allegation against him, below is his reaction in verbatim:

‘’Fabakary B. Ceesay I thought you are a trained journalist but now i’m beginning to doubt that…and i am not doing this with you here. You used the info i gave you to make me a target of conspiracy theories and O’ Pray to Allaah swt that you, Hamadi and whatever Omar you insinuating is saying. I believe in Onething only and that’s Allaah SWT who knows everything and everyone has a right to say whatever they want….and i am aware that since Jammeh is out no one can clean us except Allaah and that people will bring us trouble in many different forms, shapes and sizes. so let them keep on introducing trouble until Allaah’s wrath catches up with them i do not need you for anything except that i used to sympathise with on your ordeals with Jammeh so why should i call you…to tell you or beg you not to write about me you are the one who needs me and so get to your journalistic skills and write facts in your stories and reports or else you have Allaah to answer to my brother and one thing i need to warn you about, Allaah’s punishment is HAQQ and now that you too have become excited about this, I place my case in the Hands of Alllaah. we will see just keep up with your journalism work at all cost y mining information time will tell..my brother time will tell insha Allaah’’.

Marabout Omar Faal Keita, like Marabout Sowe was also arrested in connection with 2006 attempted coup. He was charged with concealment of treason and tried alongside, Alieu Jobe one time accountant General, Tamsir Jasseh former Director of Immigration, Parliamentarian Demba Dem and others. He was convicted and sentenced to twenty years imprisonment. He was released on a presidential pardon in July 2015.

Editors Note: The Editorial board has decided never again to engage or contact Mr. Ousman Bojang aka ‘Bin Laden’ in any story positive or negative that his name might appear in the feature unless otherwise. We have given him a platform to give his side of story but in turn label us as conspirators to tarnish his image. We have at no point in time asked or begged him to do us any favours so as not to publish anything alleged against him.

None of the Editors of the Trumpet newspaper knew Mr. Bojang in life and have no personal scores or whatever grievances against him. Any human interest story and stories associated with human rights violations will be perused by this medium at any cost.

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