IOM Calls on Gambian Returnees for Their Reintegration Assistance

This is to inform all returnees whose return to The Gambia was facilitated by IOM from January 2017 to June 2019—and have not yet received their reintegration assistance—to report to one of the following offices on or before 31 December 2019.

IOM Main Office in Banjul, Kairaba Avenue

IOM Sub-Office in Basse, Mansajang Kunda (Upper River Region)

Basse Youth Center, Behind the Market (Lower River Region) Tel: 7175022/3556053

Brikama Youth Center, Opposite the Gambia Red Cross Society Branch Office (West Coast Region) Tel: 2239761/3554997

Pakalinding Youth Center Along the Trans-Gambia Highway (Lower River Region) Tel: 2253717/3556009

The processing of reintegration assistance for returnees who arrived between January 2017 and Jun 2019 will end by 31 December 2019. We therefore encourage all eligible returnees to report to the addresses listed above.

Returnees are also reminded to bring along their IOM Appointment Card with Reference Number and Arrival Date.

For further inquiries, please contact 3303856.

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