DCAF conducts a consultation with media practitioners on the draft constitution

By Alieu Jallow

Geneva centre for security sector governance (GCAF) Friday 6th December engaged journalists on the security mandate in the new draft constitution to submit a position paper to the Constitutional review commission.

DCAF is an international NGO dedicated to improving the security of the people and states they live in within a framework of democratic governance and human rights as well assist partners’ states to improve governance of their security sector through inclusive and participatory reforms based on international norms and good practices.

Speaking at the event, Pansaw Nyassi interim country head said DCAF with funding from the British High Commission has committed to providing support to the Constitutional Review Commission in not only providing a technical review of the draft constitution but also to facilitate consultation on the draft.

Nyassi said that considering the significance of the constitution in overall state building and transformation progress in the Gambia and as well the likelihood of the constitution not likely changing anytime soon, called on stakeholders to take advantage of the opportunity to scrutinize the constitution to ensure that it’s provisions are relevant, complete and appropriate to meet their unique needs  and interest.

Jainaba Faye political an economic officer at the British High Commission stated that the British government through it’s high commission in the Gambia is pleased to partner with DCAF to support the implementation of the Gambia’s security sector reform through the Constitutional building process that will reflect the true values of Gambians.

Madam Faye echoed that the new constitution should serve as a strong pillar for the security sector reform and the media have a very important role to play in the implementation process.

She emphasized the British High Commission support to DCAF and the media over the course of the program and beyond to ensure that inclusive and accountable democracy is achieved in the Gambia.

The review in particular would focus on the provisions related to the work or mandates of the security agencies thus providing a succinct report to the CRC incorporating comments and feedbacks on the provisions of the constitution prior to submission of the final draft of the constitution by the CRC to the Government.


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