Breaking News: Chief Jarjusey Is Against 14 Women NAMS in New Constitution

Chief Yaya Jarjusey

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Chief Yaya Jarjusey of Jarra West District, on Tuesday 10th December 2019 voiced out his strong stand against the idea of electing fourteen Women into the National Assembly of the Gambia as indicated in the new draft constitution.

Speaking at his home town of Soma, on the second phase of Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) nationwide consultation meeting with the people, Chief Jarjusey said Women folks should braced themselves to compete with men in any democratic process rather than elevating them into positions without competing.

In the new draft Constitution, Women are empowered to have 14 elected members into the National Assembly drawn from all 7 regions of the country. The process will allow only women to compete among themselves for 2 elected seats at Parliament for each region.

Chief Jarjusey lamented that he is not against empowering women but such positions should not be given to them on a silver platter.

Mr. Jarjusey posited that if democracy is by majority then women should be ready and bold enough to fight and scramble with men for elected positions. He challenged women to come forward and apply for party candidature or stand as independent candidates to get to positions rather than having it through the back door.

Jarjusey pointed out that Women are their own enemies and they are always against fellow Women to lead them in politics. ‘In every election Women themselves are agitators against Women candidates’, said Chief Jarjusey.

He indicated that Women are the majority and can elect any candidate into Parliament only if they stand in solidarity with each other on a common goal. ‘’Let me tell you women are their own enemies when it come to leadership selection; they are more comfortable with Men leading than fellow Women’.

Jarjusey emphasised that he is not against Women empowerment but Women should be ready to lead and engage with Men when it comes to elected positions.

‘Electing 14 women freely into Parliament is not a good idea to me as far as democracy is concern’, he decried.

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