Samagi in Partnership With Other Breeding Associations to Take Part In Animal Fair in Dakar

SAMAGI Press Conference

By: Alieu Jallow

Samagi and two other Breeding Associations (Professional and Gam-Sheep) held a press briefing on Thursday 9 January 2020, to unfold their first maiden trade fair competition in which the Gambia is taking part for the first time in its history. 

The aim and objective of Samagi and its partners is minimise and eradicate the importation of meat and meat products having realised the prominent role livestock plays towards the economy of a country.

According the Public Relations Officer of Samagi Association Mr. Ousman Chorr said the realisation of the important role of livestock in a country’s economy has prompted them to take stringent measures towards achieving a set goal. “These associations have decided to team up to coordinate, support and promote livestock breeding, rearing as well as livestock products and bye products in the Gambia. Promote livestock breeding with emphasis on breed improvement in order to achieve yield produce”, Said Chorr.

Mr. Chorr further highlighted that it is the strong collaboration of Samagi, Gam-Sheep and Professional Breeders Associations that caught the eyes and attention of their neighbouring country to invite them to partake in the 13th annual animal trade fair slate from 17th to 27th of January 2020 in Dakar, Senegal. According to him, the platform will help them showcase their breeds to international investors and competitors within the sub region.

The ADAM trade fair is organised by the Senegalese Livestock Association annually wherein livestock breeders from Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and the Gambia converged to display their livestock produce.

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