BREAKING NEWS: Is the State Witch Hunting Commissioner Kanteh?

commissioner Kanteh

By:Fabakary B.Ceesay

Credible sources within the top brass of the Gambia Police Forces have hinted Trumpet Newspaper that, since Police Commissioner of West Coast Region,Mr.Muhammed Kanteh was removed from his post at State House as the Chief Intelligence Officer, his activities and moves were been monitored by the State securities; and he has been eye-marked for reasons best known to them.

Kanteh was so close to President Adama Barrow during and after the political standoff of December 2016 presidential elections.

According to our sources, Kanteh was questioned by the Police shortly after the 24th July 2019 Brikama Area Council incident which turned violent, after Police attacked aggrieved peaceful protesters with tear gas and pepper spray.

Our sources confirmed that Kanteh was accused by the State security agents for taking part and giving support to the Brikama Youths who wanted to protest against their Council.

He was called to the Police Headquarters, questioned on the matter and his alleged involvement with the Brikama Youths.

As a young intelligent and legal-minded officer, Kanteh was said to have handled the interrogators in a manner that lasted minutes and he was asked to go.

Our investigation into the Brikama Area Council protest revealed that Commissioner Kanteh was side-lined by the Police Command by deploying a Commander on the ground, thus by passing him completely. He was never involved in the discussion of the operational methods of the said incident, even though he was the Commissioner of Operations in that jurisdiction.

Instead, a new Commander was brought to deal with the protesters while Kanteh was left with only a ceremonial title.

On 26 January 2020, shortly after the violent dispersing of the “3 years jotna” political pressure movement, by the Police, Kanteh was arrested at his post in Brikama after granting an interview with a local medium.  He was detained at Brusubi Police Station, Police Intervention Unit at Brufut and Denton Bridge Police Post, respectively.

On Tuesday 28 January,he was released on bail and later charged with “abuse of office”, and interdicted from work pending the outcome of the case against him.

When contacted for comments via a relative, Kanteh said he has no comments on the matter. The Police Public Relations Officer,ASP Lamin Njie, could not be reached for comment.

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