North Bank People smiles as Minister presents equipment

The Minister of Agriculture Hon.. Amie Fabureh has put smiles in the faces of women in North Bank Region after presenting milling machines, power tillers and other equipment. The presentation was as a result of request made by the women of the area to President Barrow after his nationwide tour.

Fass Njaga Choi, Madina Sering Mass and Pakau Njogu were some of the villages in the region that benefited from the presentation of the machineries.

Hon. Fabureh the first female agriculture minister of The Gambia assured the people of North Bank that her ministry has taken a new dimension. And that a new chapter has been opened for the sector. She pointed out that the welfare of Gambians farmers is very dare to President Barrow particularly the women. She said the milling machines, power tillers and other equipment would go a long way in improving agricultural value chain in the country.

The Agriculture Minister said the Ministry of Agriculture under her watchful eye would do everything possible to ensure that the sector is mechanized.

. The Hon Minister for Information Ebrima Sillah said the government of the Gambia is doing a lot for the country through its various sectors. “As a ministry responsible for communication we are here to create visibility of various ministries,” Hon. Sillah said. He said the government is doing a lot to improve the livelihood of the people of the Gambia particularly the farming community. He said his ministry is also responsible for technology thus, there are plans to ensure the use of ICT  in the modernization of farming in the country.

The National Assembly Member for the area Hon. Omar Darboe called on the people of his constituency to rally behind President Barrow for development. Hon. Darboe said politic is about interest and people need to follow the government that is serving their interest. He said his constituency is enjoying electricity, good roads and other amenities thanks to Barrow administration.

The distribution of equipment to the region is being headed by the governor of the region Hon. Ebrima K Dampha

Momodou Kanteh, Information Officer MoD



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