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Breaking News: Lang Kah’s Alleged Assailant Is MOI Staff

Injured Lang Karbou
Suspected assailant

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

After our maiden publication about the assault on narcotic officer Sergeant Lamin Karbou alias Lang Kah, the Trumpet Newspaper can confirm that his alleged attacker is a staffer of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), the same Ministry Mr. Karbou works for.

So far, an arrest was made to the effect. The suspect is a gardener of the Ministry of Interior. Lang Kah is stationed at Brusubi Police Station as a Narcotic Child Welfare officer.

The said incident happened at around Sukuta on 23rd February 2020.  He sustained a serious injury on the forehead. He was treated at Sukuta Health Centre on the same night and discharged.

According to our sources, one Alaji (Demba) Njie, a gardener at the Ministry of Interior has been arrested and currently helping the investigators in connection with the matter.

However, the Public Relations Officer of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency of the Gambia (NDLEAG), Ousman Saidybah is out of the country for comments.

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