KMC in Fully Gear to Manage Bakoteh Dump-site

Mayor Ahmed Talib Bensouda

By: Alieu Jallow
The Lord Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) Ahmed Talib Bensouda on Monday outlined the Council’s will and readiness to take a systematic approach in response to managing the Bakoteh dump-site site. The dump-site has been a health concern for the neighbour and has since long been creating hazardous smoke within the vicinity of Bakoteh.
Mayor Bensouda unveiled this plan in a press conference on Monday 16 March 2020 at the Municipal Council premises. The Lord Mayor further appealed to affected residents for calm and assured them of the governments support.
‘’As a metropolitan body, KMC is putting up measures to construct a towering perimeter fence in a drive to desist people from encroaching into the dump- site’’, said Mayor Bensouda.
He said the idea of the perimeter fence is already include in their 2020 budget and the Council is working with a waste management processing partner. He added that so far eight interested parties have applied to work with the council in that aspect. Mayor Bensouda indicated that a whopping D10 million is allocated in response to the fire outbreak.
The Council according to him has begun a process to locate a new area to develop as a sanitary land field
It could be recalled that three minors on Sunday 15th March started a fire at the dump-site that virtually engulfed the dump-site and the huge smoke invaded the entire community for hours before it was put under control.

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