Only 3 Cases of Confirmed Corona virus in Gambia

Mododu Njai




By: Alieu Jallow
The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare on its 7th national situation report concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) confirmed that they have not found any new confirmed case of the coronavirus registered apart from the first three cases.
Speaking at its daily briefing on Thursday 26 March 2020, Mr. Momodou Njie, Director of health promotion and education said cumulatively the country still has a total of 3 COVID 19 confirmed cases and one likely case. The probable case is a travel companion of the deceased Bangladeshi’s national who have started developing mild pneumonia like symptoms and is currently under quarantine.
Mr. Njie indicated that the corpse of the Bangladeshis was safely buried by the Red Cross disaster response team at the Old Jeshwang Cemetery on the 25th March. Njie assured the public that plans are underway to have samples collected from persons who have contact with the Upper River Region man who tested positive of the virus.
Mr. Njie further outlined extra moves and plans that are underway to expand the COVID-19 testing facility to the National Health laboratory and as well as disinfecting all public health facilities.
As the COVID-19 continues its global impact, so far 43 African countries including The Gambia have confirmed reported cases.

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