Senegalese Ambassador Debunks Dishing Cash to Citizens

Ambassador Basirou Sene
Ambassador Sene

By: Alieu Jallow
The Senegalese Ambassador to the Gambia has dismissed information and rumours circulating around town, on news outlets and been peddled on social media that his office is given out cash amount of D5000 and D10, 000 respectively, to each of its citizens residing in the Gambia.
Speaking at a press briefing on Thursday 16 April, at the High Commission Headquarters at Pipeline, his Excellency Basirou Sene said the Senegalese government under the leadership of president Macky Sall, has allocated 12 Billion CFA for its diaspora citizens as a relief package for the fight against COVID-19.
Mr. Sene expresses dismay with some media outlets accusing them of spreading false news to the general public thus creating political tension between Gambia and Senegal.
He further stressed that his office is yet to receive any money from Dakar for distribution in the Gambia.
“I have received a telegram message yesterday from Dakar indicating that embassies within West Africa will each receive 10 million CFA for their nationals who lost their parents to coronavirus for burial and for those that were on transit to Senegal but got stuck in the Gambia due to the border closure. But the money is yet to be transferred to our account in the Gambia”, said ambassador Sene.
Ambassador Sene further asserted that they have received over 10,000 applications from its nationals residing in the Gambia which creates inconvenience for distribution to those that supposed to benefit from the package.
He concluded by appealing to the media outlets to avoid spreading unfounded stories that are so sensitive during this trying times as it may lead to social distress.

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