IOM Enhances 30 Gambian Journalists on Migration Reporting

By: Alieu Jallow

Miko Alaza IOM Gambia

The International organisation for Migration (IOM) on Wednesday 27th May 2020, commences three days training for thirty (30), Gambian Journalists on migration reporting issues. The training is aimed at enriching Journalists’ with skills and knowledge to specialise and focus on report on migration related issues.

Speaking on behalf of IOM Miko Alazas, Communications Officer said the three-day virtual media training on migration reporting for 30 Journalists was initially scheduled for April, but postponed due to COVID-19. He indicated that the aim of the training is to enhance Journalists’ with skills and knowledge to report about migration and its related matters.

“Migration is a cross-cutting phenomenon that has significantly impacted Gambian society over the past few years. It is important for Journalists to be equipped with skills to elevate the discourse on migration, especially now that COVID-19 is affecting migration trends worldwide,” said Miko.

Participants are expected to have a paradigm shift on migration, thus farsighted low reportage on migration matters among Gambian media outlets.

Over the years migrations issues are published only when tragedy happens, but participants are with the belief that the training will empower them to understand key concepts and terminologies on migration and as well as to burst their zeal on migration reporting.






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