BREAKING NEWS: Magistrate Peter Nche Orders Journalist from Reporting Court Proceedings

Magistrate Peter Adoh Nche
Managing Editor Ceesay

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Scenario happens between Magistrate Peter Adoh Nche of the Brikama Magistrate court, his orderly and the Managing Editor of Trumpet Newspaper on Monday 27th July 2020, at the Brikama Court room 4, when out of the blue the trial Magistrate orders Journalist Ceesay out of the court room, thus denying him to cover the trial of Chief Superintendent Muhammed Kanteh versus the Inspector General of Police.

Fabakary B. Ceesay is a season Court reporter with two decades of experience in the Court reporting field.

Magistrate Nche is a Cameroonian presiding over the cases at the Brikama Magistrates’ Court.

When the case was call, the reporter was busy writing the testimony of prosecution witness, a Police officer in Police Intervention Unit Uniform, believe to be an orderly of the Magistrate walk up to the reporter and demanded that he stop writing and hand over his note book and pen to him.

The case it happened is narrated in verbatim.

As I was busy writing testimony of the prosecution witness, an orderly to the Court walk up to me and demanded to know what I was writing as I ignored him, he attempted to grab my pen and book from my hand which I refused.

He demanded to know why and what am writing and who gave me permission to write in the court, I continue to ignore him.

He attempted for the second time to snatch my materials, I refused and told him I am a journalist and I am doing my work.

The officer demanded that I should take permission from him and he should inform the Magistrate before I can write anything in the court, I told him I don’t need any permission from anyone to do my work and this in an open Court.

The officer asked for my press card which I refuse to show him and told him this is an open Court I don’t need permission or to identify myself to you.

He angrily ordered me to stop writing which I refuse. He walk to the Magistrate who was in the middle of the trial and murmured into his ears.

Magistrate Peter Adoh Nche raise his head and look at me and said, “Hey you out, you are disturbing my Court”.

As I stood up to address him, he repeated in a strong voice, “out of my court you are disturbing”.

Editor’s Note: The Trumpet Newspaper will not be intimidated by any Police officer or Court for doing our work and we will endeavor to cover Court cases that are of interest to the Gambian people.

This reporter will covered the said case as it proceeds before the said Court without fear or favour.

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