More Witness Testifies in Superintedent Kanteh’s Trial

IGP Jobe
Chief Supt. Kanteh

Famara Jallow the Police Regional Commissioner of West Coast Region on Tuesday 11th August 2020 testified before Magistrate Peter A. Che of the Brikama Magistrates’ Court in the on-going trial involving interdicted Chief Superintendent Muhammed Kanteh and the Inspector General of Police.
Commissiober Jallow told the Court that on 26th January 2020, he was at his office at Banjulinding Police station on standby duty due to the 3 years “Jotna” protest. He said he indirectly deal with the accused person and on that day he was with his Deputy Ken Mendy. He said he shares with the same office complex with his deputy who informed him that he got information from his assistant Commissioner Buba Jassey that operation Commander Chief Superintendent Muhammed Kanteh has taken the pickup vehicle meant for standby and was heading to Serrekunda hospital to see his two brothers who were stabbed with a knife and were admitted at Serrekunda General Hospital.
Jallow adduced before the Court that he asked Ken to stop Kanteh from going with the official vehicle but Ken told him that Kanteh has already left. He added that he told Ken to call Kanteh to bring back the vehicle because it was meant for another department. He indicated that he decided to call Assistant Inspector General of Police Landing Bojang and informed him that Kanteh has taken the official vehicle to Serrekunda hospital.
Further testifying, Jallow told the Court after some time Kanteh brought back the vehicle. “This is all I know about this case”, he said.
Prosecutor Inspector Essa Sarr asked the witness to tell the Court the way and manner in which permission is sort and granted in the Police force. Jallow said permission can be granted in two folds either by oral or written. He added that the officer seeking permission can request it to be written and may be address to the most senior man through the Officer in Charge. If it is written it should go through the immediate superior officer. He stated that if permission is granted it should be booked in the station diary. He said the permission can be days or hours and upon return it should also be booked in that diary.
Under cross examination by counsel Lamin S. Camara, Commissioner Famara Jallow recognises his statement he made to the Police in regards to the case. Camara asked him if he did write in his statement to the Police everything that he said before the Court. He answered in the negative. Camara asked, “why not”? Jallow said he could not write all at that moment. He added that he only decided to write the most important ones at the time.
The said statement was tendered and marked as exhibit in Court. Going further Jallow admitted that he did not mentioned anywhere in his statement about the issue of permit.
Lawyer Lamin L. Darboe asked the witness, “When your assistant told you that Kanteh left with the vehicle, was he seeking permission or only informing you?” Jallow said he was only informing him.
At this point prosecutor Sarr informed the Court that he intent to summon the station officer of Brikama police station superintendent Gass Sabally to bring the station diary.
At this point, Magisrate P. A Che asked the witness whether he was only concern about the vehicle and not Kanteh, he answered that his concern was about the vehicle.
case is adjourned to 18th August.

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