MOH Plans COVID-19 Vaccine

Health officers and Journalist at Press conference
Gassama and Njie at the conference

By: Alieu Jallow

The Ministry of Health is planning to roll out the COVID-19 vaccines according to the Director of Health Promotion and Education at a press orientation held on Tuesday 19th January 2020, at the Central Medical Store in Kotu.

Director Momodou Njie told members of press that the Ministry has already strategised a mechanism to roll out the vaccines once it is available to their disposal as they are working with partners to procure the vaccines to vaccinate Gambians.

Mr. Njie called on Journalists to be change makers thus to create an impact and helping to remind the government institutions and the general public on the use of facemask, observing physical distances and the frequent washing of hands.

He pointed out that the media should desist from fake news especially rumor mongering in town regarding the health personnel collecting bribes at the airport to let visitors in without been quarantined.  Njie clarified that those that were allowed to leave without quarantined diplomatic passport holders and visiting tourists who by their policies are allowed for self quarantined.

Mr. Momodou Gassama WHO Communication Promotion Officer called for a more deep-seated approach from the media in facilitating the dissemination of the message as the world continues to grapple with the resentment of the COVID-19 which continues to surface into folds.

Mr. Gassama believed the media plays a critical role in galvanising and massaging the messages from the Health Ministry in order to take informed decisions to support in the fight against the virus. “The numbers are increasing as time flies by with people initially denying the existence of the virus. Africa now registered over three million cases with over 70 thousands deaths and the Gambia is no exception”.

Gassama assured the Ministry of their relentless support in the fight against the pandemic.

The challenges in most countries in Africa where cases are increasing are as a result of decrease in preventive measures.

The Gambia of recently have recorded two cases of the variant COVID-19 virus and a total records of 3910 with 3692 recoveries and 127 deaths.

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