Her Excellency Dr. Isatou Touray, the Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia has recently been appointed as the focal point of a global movement, after the country has been accepted to join the Call to Action, themed,‘Remittances in crisis: How to keep them flowing’.

VP Dr. Touray

The Call to Action was first launched in May 2020 and since then countries have continued to register with the Call. This global movement is coordinated by Switzerland and the United Kingdom in partnership with World Bank, KNOMAD, UNCDF, IOM, UNDP, the International Association of Money Transfer Network, and the International Chamber of Commerce.

Reacting to this development, Vice President Dr. Isatou Touray stated: “We are happy to note that, with The Gambia joining the coalition supporting the ‘Call to Action’, it now counts 31 countries and 16 institutions”.

She expressed Gambia’s pride as a developing country to see the nation’s flag being featured in such prestigious global platform along with other supporting countries.

Dr. Touray therefore assured of The Gambia’s determination to take advantage of this initiative and that the country will enhance its presence within the global community and in support of the noble initiative of the Call to Action.

Etter Bettina, Senior Adviser, Global Migration Governance, said they took note that the Honorable Vice President, Dr Isatou Touray, will be the focal point for the ‘Call to Action’.

“Besides a written confirmation – an e-mail suffices – no further action is required from the Gambia to join the Call to Action. The Gambian flag will be featured among the other supporting countries,” she explained.

“The communication further stated that The Gambia will be notified of any activities foreseen in the future. “The offer mentioned in this communication relating to the availability of the multilateral partners of the Call to Action to engage in technical discussions with governments in a bilateral or small group setting on specific regulatory or policy priorities, still stands,” Global Migration Governance Senior Adviser, assured, noting that should Gambia  government be interested in such technical assistance, it is welcomed to approach the Call to Action.

 Prepared: by Sarjo M Camara

 Information Officer, Office of the Vice President.

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