Trumpet’s Rolling Cameras Captures NAWEC- Water Pipes

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) has been mandated to provide safe and healthy drinking water for the nation, but taking a proper survey on their pipelines, lots of water pipes are left idling on the surface and licking water on streets and highways causing stagnant and filthy water pools. The health safety of many water consumers especially those living in certain settlements is a cause of concern and should be an alarm for health officials and National Environments Agency (NEA).

As captured by the Trumpet’s rolling cameras within one immediate community, the NAWEC customers of these localities are at risk of drinking contaminated water caused by lick pipes that are supplying water to their homes.

Most of these pipes are damaged by cars hence they are not buried deep in the ground. Running rain waters easily erased them to the surface which left them to the mercy of vehicles plying those streets.

At most times these busted pipes are repaired locally by the affected residents and consumers. NAWEC appears to ignore the concern call of consumers about busted pipes causing flooding and stagnant water on streets. Most of these areas are known places for water pools caused by water pipes.

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