Berefet Women Gardeners Ready for Self-Food Sufficency

By Fatou Jaiteh

Generally most rural women wish for nothing more than having a fully functional village garden. And the women folks in Berefet have exactly that opportunity that most rural women are yearning for. Thanks to the NEMA project sponsored by IFAD and other international donors. The garden have all what a modern garden one is expected to have. Water is available and fence is in good condition.

The only cry of these women is the provision of fertilizer and varieties of seeds. They have been growing the same kind of vegetables for a long time. If other varieties of crops are introduce to the women in Berefet they would do better vegetable farming and yield more production. Like many others ways of earning a living, the work and energy that these women used in the garden is very tiring but for the Berefet women, it is a routine. Early every morning, they woke up to water their vegetables and weed the beds off grasses.

These women and other others across the country who are into horticultural farming needs more support in their endevour to boost vegetable production in the country.Kudos to the women folks, our markets got  daily supplies of fresh vegetables thus promoting self-food sufficiency and boosting agricultural productivity.

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