Hamat Bah Castigates Suku Singhateh for Tribal Politics

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Addressing a gathering at Farafenni, Tourism and Culture Minister, Hamat NK Bah has accuses Mr. Abdoulie Suku Singhateh of promoting tribal politics in Badibou during the 2017 National Assembly Elections.

Minister Bah was speaking during President Barrow’s ten days meet with the peoples’ tour and did not mind his words against Suku Singhateh.

Minister Bah
Suku Singhateh

Suku Singhateh was a National Assembly member for Lower Badibou under former ruling APRC party. He switched sides to the United Democratic Party (UDP) after APRC lost elections to a coalition of parties led by President Barrow in December 2016.

Of recent he abandoned UDP and joined President Barrow’s new party and was on tour with the president when Minister Bah castigated him amid thousands of people.

Minister Bah deliberately call Suku out pointing his fingers at him and chastise him of using “Bandinya fassa” in politics.

Hamat said, “It was the likes of this Suku Singhateh who were promoting tribal politics by calling on people to vote for “bandiyaa”. We all know about it and now they are saying we are promoting tribal politics. It is this Suku who was doing it when he was with UDP”.

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