Minister Drammeh Orders Chiefs to Campaign for NPP

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

All District Chiefs across the country are immediately ordered by the Minister of Local Government and Lands Mr. Musa Drammeh to fully partake in the political campaign for the upcoming presidential election in support of President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP), reliable sources within NPP informed the Trumpet Newspaper.

Minister Musa Drammeh

However, this move is contrary to the promise of the incumbent president when during and after his victory in 2016 elections, gave staunch warning to Chiefs to desist from taking part in political campaigns for either ruling or opposition parties.

But recently, during his meet the people’s tour, President Barrow urged Chiefs and Village Alkalos to engage in party politics as that is part of their mandate and their civic rights. He urged them to support the NPP and its interests. He also promised a salary package for Alkalos.

President Barrow

Two weeks ago Chief Lamin Darboe of Kombo South, was sacked from his position. According to sources his sacking was politically motivated due to his reluctance to mix party politics with the functions of a Chief.

Below is the list of names of the NPP campaign team headed by Local Government Minister Musa Drammeh.

Minister Musa Drammeh

Lamin Cham

Dr. Demba Sabally

Alkali Conteh

Mambanyick Njie

Seedy SK Njie

Dodou Sannoh

Maimuna Baldeh

Kebba Lang Fofana

Kebba Madi Bojang

Maimuna Ceesay Darboe

Lamin K Saidy

Momodou Barry

Youth Organizing Secretary

Women Organizing Secretary

North Bank Region Team

Abdoulie S. Singhateh (Badibou)

Lamin SI Jammeh (Niumi)

Dr. Njogu L Bah

Hon Salifu Jawo

Hon Omar Darboe

Hon Sainey Touray

Karamo Jadama

Former NAMS

Hon Alagie Jawara

Regional Executive Committee

All District Chiefs

Elected/ Lady Councillors

Regional team of elders

Lamin Jawara

Central River Region (NORTH)

Siaka Jatta,  Niani & Sami

Hon Sainey Mbye, Nianija and Saloum

Hon Amadou Camara

Hon Alaji Mbowe

Hon Sainey Jawara

Former NAMS

Pa Malick Ceesay

Chairman Kuntaur Area Council

Regional Executives

Lady/Elected Councillors

Regional Elders

Upper River Region

Hon Saihou Mballow

Saikou Bah

Saikou Barrow

Hon Billay G. Tunkara

Hon Muhammed Magassy

Haji Baniko Sissoho

Saibo Tunkara

Ebrima Camara

Regional Executives

All Chiefs

Regional Elders

Former NAMS

Elected/ Lady Councillors

Central River Region South

Fafa Ceesay

Lawyer Lamin LK Mboge

Hon Samba Jallow

Hon Birom Sowe

Regional Executives

Regional Elders

Former NAMS

All Chiefs

Elected / Lady Councillors

Lower River Region

Fabou Sanneh

Diko Bah

Kebba Dem

Lamin KS Dampha

Lamin Darboe

Fatou Ceesay

Regional Executives

Regional Elders

All Chiefs

Former NAMS

Elected/ Lady Councillors

Kaddy Fofana

Minister Fafa Sanyang

Hon Seedy Keita

Minister Ahmadou Lamin Samateh

All National Executive Members from the region

West Coast Region- Foni

Minister Amie Fabureh


Former NAMS

 All Chiefs

Regional Executives

Regional Elders

Elected/ Lady Councillors

Abdou Badjie

Ex-General Lang Tombong Tamba

West Coast Region -Kombo

Minister Ebrima Sillah

Former Minister Abdou Kolley

Former DG NIA Abdoulie Kujabi

Pa Bojang

Dembo Santang Bojang

Lamin Jamba Jammeh

Amadou Gitteh

Hon Saikouba Jarjue

Hon Abdoulie Ceesay

All Chiefs

Momodou Bojang

Regional Executives

Regional Elders

Former NAMS

Abdou Kolly

Kanifing Municipality

Minister Bakary Badjie

Regional Executive members

Wuday Ceesay

Pa Njie Girigara

Former NAMS


Elected/lady Councillors

Pierre Minteh

Former Mayor Abdoulie Conteh

All Ministers from KM

All National Executive members from KM and are not part of the Campaign team

Mama Komma

Ramatoulie Bah

Kemo Conteh

All National Executive members from the region


Ministers from Banjul

All National executive members from Banjul

Regional Executives of Banjul NPP

Former NAMS

Elders Committee of Banjul

Elected/lady Councillors

Ous Wadda

Ebou Fye

Council of Elders

Falai Baldeh and team

Tamsir Ann

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