Trumpet Uncovers Fuel Theft at GamPetroleum

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Trumpet Newspaper has uncovered a big scam at GamPetroleum depot in Mandinary, Kombo North, involving senior GP officials, Customs and Excise officers and a retired Israeli Military officer who is residing in the Gambia.

Saihou Drammeh (photo- Standard Newspaper)

According to our investigations, Mr. Saihou Drammeh the Director General and Mr. Lamin Gassama Director of Operations of Gampetroleum and other officials with support and protection from Customs and Excise are dealing with an Israelite (name withheld) by stealing thousands of litres of fuel from the Mandinary depot.

The said Israelite has a trailer boat that smuggled fuel from Madinary depot to Kerewan in the North Bank Region, to supply their local fuel dealers.

Gampetroleum depot Mandinary

The local dealers are operating within the North Bank, Central River and Lower River Regions, respectively. Sources revealed that the Israelite, who ferries the stolen fuel used to anchor his trailer boat at the old Kerewan wharf where supplies are delivered to their customers who come with trucks and other vehicles to collect their supplies in gallons and barrels.

Most of their customers are local dealers from Barra, Ndugu Kebbeh, Kerewan, Farafenni, Soma, Bansang and other parts of rural Gambia.

Our investigation further reveals that the underground smuggling of fuel from Mandinary to Kerewan has been going on for long and their transactions are certified by Customs and Excise officers as a legal deal.

Editor’s Note: We decided to withhold the names of some persons involved in the deal pending the outcome and completion of our investigation. 

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