PIU Officer that Threatens to Extermination UDPians not Detained

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Contrary to reports that the Police has arrested and detained three of their personnel that were seen and heard on social media threatening to kill UDP leader, kill his supporters and rejoicing over the fracas that led to Police spraying gas ganister and pepper spray into the residence of United Democratic Party leader’s residence and seen manhandling his supporters have never been arrested or detained by the Police.

Unlike the case of the civilian, who claimed to be a supporter of UDP, Modou Lamin Darboe of Busumbala was swiftly arrested and detained after his audio went viral calling for post election violence.

Samba Bah threatens to massacre UDPians

But the Police are yet to arrest three of their own kind for the same words uttered by the UDP supporter.

According to the Police Spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Lamin Njie said, “there is an ongoing police investigation into the conduct of the officers by the Police Human Rights and Professional Standards Unit and appropriate actions will follow”.

When asked if any of the said officers were arrested or detained, Njie said, “Under this circumstance the procedure is not to arrest but to investigate, make recommendations and appropriate actions taken accordingly. So they are not under arrest as we speak”.

PIU Man Samba Bah

The audio of the Policeman identified as one  Samba Bah is translated below “We all know since the start Adama Barrow was winning, boy just forget about this issue and concentrate on your work and look for money, don’t push yourself into this political thing. You are my boy but I should tell you this since yesterday you were talking bla blah blah. Am a Police officer now and you are my tight friend. Everybody witnesses that this man has won. UDP for how many years they are here since Jawara regime, these mother fuckers don’t do anything in this country and you telling me what? Since Jawara and Yahya Jammeh time they don’t do any fucking thing in this country. If he comes out we will fuck his mother, gas him, fuck him, locked him and he will never see the sun again. This motherfucker wanted to destroy our country what the fuck is going on? We will wipe them all out”.

In another separate but similar development, two PIU officers that were sent to the home of Ousainou Darboe to disperse his supporters that converged at his residence to show solidarity about the outcome of the 4th December election results, were seen on video celebrating in a joyous mood of what they did at the house of UDP leader.

Laughing with thumbs up, one of the officers said ‘that is my boy Camara, you know today is UDP people happy birthday to you all. Camara say something to UDP people”.

The one named Camara said, “Ah you know we are very happy today, yea we are very happy, you know to see gas flooding all over everywhere. Yea so we need more, we need more. Yea I will be very happy if they come out again.UDP people thank you, thank you”.

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