South-South Cooperation can contribute to Global Economy, Ecology, Society and Environment

By: Modou Kanteh

The Gambia Minister for Agriculture Madam Amie Fabureh has indicated that the FAO- China South -South Cooperation program can contribute immensely to global multiple wins for the Economy, the Ecology, Society and the Environment.

Minister Fabureh

Hon. Fabureh made this statement while addressing the FAO- China South -South Cooperation program Phase III, virtual on 28th February 2022.

“The importance of South – South Cooperation in the Development of Agriculture is so crucial and cannot be overemphasised. It brings about exchanges and transfer of experiences, knowledge and skills between people and countries,” she said.

The Agric Minister pointed out that the cooperation could further catalyse the successful and sustainable implementation of policies, projects and programs aimed at reducing inequality. And also enhance both social and productive inclusion and engaging smallholder farmers in the growth process while maintaining a successful commercial Agriculture sector.

Agric Minister

Minster Fabureh said series of connections between Agriculture and development, major amongst them are eliminating hunger and rethinking Agriculture in light of sustainability and equity. Climate change, livelihoods and food security in particular represent both challenges and opportunities for achieving a better place for planet and people.

During the World Food System pre-summit held in Rome Italy in July last year, the Minister was privileged to have a side meeting with Dr. QU, Director General of the FAO and team. During that meeting Minister Fabureh expressed the need for support in the areas of rice, Millet and Poultry value chains. Since then two Chinese companies have been identified (Zhangjiakou Academy of Agricultural Sciences ZAAS) and Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center (HHRRC). These two companies are to provide online training for extension and research personnel on Hybrid rice and millet value Chains.

“This South- South cooperation exercise will contribute immensely towards the food system transformation agenda of the Gambia that emanated from an all-inclusive stakeholder Dialogues resulting to a pathway,” the Minister said.

The Gambia Agriculture Minister appealed for support and collaboration in the area of Groundnut which according to her is currently facing challenges in the areas of marketing and processing. Minister Fabureh hailed the collaboration that existed between the Government of the Gambia and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and the People’s Republic of China.

The theme of the forum was Strengthen South –South and Triangular Cooperation for Global Agricultural Development.





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