GamPetroleum Under Auditing whilst Police Charge Officials, Oil Company CEOs

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Since the unearthing of fuel and financial scam at Gampetroleum in mid November 2021, the matter seems to have died amid public curiosity to know the outcome of the Police investigation into the matter. Since no one is yet to be held responsible for the fuel scam that hit the country in November last year.

Saihou Drammeh former GM

Trumpet Newspaper can reliably inform that the management of the country’s petrol facility is currently under financial examination by Augustus Prom Audit and Tax Advisory Accounting Firm.

Augustus Prom is one of the longest serving auditing companies in the Gambia with a good record.

The former General Manager of Gampetroleum Mr. Saihou Drammeh and the Operations Manager Mr. Lamin Gassama including several Chief Executive Officers of Oil Marketing Companies were rounded up by the Police and detained.

However, since all the detained persons were released, the matter seems to have escaped from the public view and concerns, but Trumpet Newspaper is previleged to information that the Police case file has been sent to the Attorney General’s Chambers for legal advice. Since over two months now the file is yet to be acted upon.

Further investigations into the matter concerning General Manager Saihou Drammeh revealed that the fraud investigators found several local and foreign bank accounts in foreign and national currencies amounting to millions in Dalasis and US Dollar.

After the conclusion of Police investigations Saihou Drammeh and Mr. Lamin Gassama were charged with Trustee Fraudulently disposing of trust property.

Mr. Drammeh and Gassama were also charged alongside CEOs of oil marketing companies with Economic Crime and conspiracy.

The Police Public Relations officer Chief Superintendent Lamin Njie confirmed the charges of the former Gampetroleum officials and private marketing officers of oil companies. CSP Njie indicated that the Police investigators recommended that a robust forensic auditing be conducted on the past and current management of Gampetroleum.

He added that the case file has been sent to the AG Chambers for legal advice.

However, the Police spokesperson confirmed that all the accused persons were granted bail but failed to give out the bail bounds, conditions attached and the names of their sureties.

A senior official of Augustus Prom auditing firm confirmed that their company has been contracted to look into the financial activities of Gampetroleum and a statutory auditing is in progress. The official who preferred anonymity indicated that by the end of April they will submit their report to the authorities concerned.

Trumpet Newspaper has sent a request to interview the newly appointed General Manager Mr. Yorro Jallow on matters surrounding the welfare of the staff and other allegations at Gampetroleum depot at Mandinary.

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