Victims and survivors of Jammeh’s brutality called for his prosecution

By: Alieu Jallow

Victims of former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh are calling for him and his accomplice to face justice for the brutalities meted on them and their families.

Reading the press statement on behalf of the victims in a press briefing held at the conference in Bijilo Fatoumatta Sandeng a daughter to late Solo Sandeng called on the government of the Gambia to take concrete steps to bring Jammeh and his allies to justice for the crime against humanity.

The Truth Reconciliation and Reparation commission (TRRC) has tied Jammeh to enforce disappearance, killings and torture of opposition leaders and journalists during his 22 years of iron fist rule. The shouting and killings of the 59 west migrants, witch hunt and his so called HIV treatment, rape and among other are atrocities committed by Jammeh and his accomplish.

Jammeh to justice campaign is concerned with the President’s lack of expression of Jammeh’ gross human rights violation at the recently concluded AU head of States summit in Equatorial Guinea.

Fatou Jatta survivor of Jammeh’s HIV treatment fell emotional when narrating her ordeal while being at the treatment centre stressing they have been subjected to many treatments.

Martin Kyere the lone survivor of the 59 murdered west migrants outlined that the implementation of the white paper by Barrow’s government is what he concern of considering they are after justice.

Reed Broody, a human rights lawyer, said the prosecuting and trials of Jammeh can’t be held in the Gambia for the lack of capacity and security.

The government of the Gambia has squashed some recommendations made by the TRRC and the question still remains if the political will is there to implement. During the TRRC deliberations, at least 393 witnesses testified ex-president Yahya Jammeh ordered the killings of 250 Gambians and non Gambians.

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